Karola Messner was born in Munich, Germany. Since childhood she felt a strong calling to become an artist, but at the same time she had a vivid interest for natural sciences. During guest studies at the  Academie des Beaux Arts in Paris and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich she realised that her own artistic approach differed greatly from the trend in art at this time. Therefore she decided to study medicine despite the fact that she was one of the few accepted at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. After her medical studies she moved to Sweden, became eventually specialist in orthopedics and finally professor in experimental sports medicine with special emphasis on the anatomy of skeletal tissues. During a period of five years she was one of the main instructors in theory of science and scientific methods at the University of Linköping, Medical Faculty. 2002 she left her professorship to fully concentrate on art and writing, with special emphasis on wooden sculpture and philosofical novels. 

Karola Messner’s art is characterised by motion and overwelming vitality. The complexity, rythm and elegance of her wooden sculptures look for comparison in art history. The central theme is theory of evolution: The struggle for survival and habitat as well as collaboration within and between species.

Karola Messner: ”I am a Rubens in sculpture with theory of evolution as main subject.”

DRAMAREAL (dramatized reality)

In order to create a more sustainable society than the one we have today we have to ask the following questions:

Why do we make war, though we fear nothing more? Why do we cheat and exaggerate (financial crash), though we condemn it instantly? Why do we pollute our environment, though we know that it will fall back on ourselves?

The answer lies in the basic human behavior. These basic characteristics, especially the ones which eventually lead to collapse of human society, I dramatize in my sculptures, paintings and books in order to warn for their destructiveness.


Art, literature and science

An unsual career:

1956 born in Munich, West Germany

1975 6 months guest studies at Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

1976 bachelor degree, acceptance to be enrolled at the Akademie der schönen Künste, Munich, prof.


1976 decision to study medicine

1983 medical State examination, Munich, later specialist in Orthopedic surgery 

1985 moving to Linköping, Sweden  

1992 PhD in Orthopedics, University Linköping

1993-1998 position as fulltime medical researcher, University Linköping

1996 Fernström price, young investigator award, University Linköping

1998/99 senior lecturer, University Linköping

1999 head of dept. of  theoretical  Sports Medicine, University Linköping

1995-2000 teacher of scientific theory for PhDStudents

2000  professor in skeletal biology,  dept. of  theoretical  Sports Medicine, University Linköping

2002 I skipped my university position and became full time artist and writer. 

2003 novel ’The Nobel Price’, published by Ord&visor (swedish) (ISBN: 91-88675-79-3)

2006 novel ’Tartaros’, published by Ord&visor (swedish) (ISBN: 978-91-85515-10-3)

2007 novel ’Niagarafalls’, published by Ord&visor (swedish) (ISBN: 978-91-85515-31-8)

2009 novel ’God is just a man’, published by Ord&visor (swedish) (ISBN: 978-91-85515-65-3)


Since 2003  9 single and 8 collective exhibitions (oil paintings and sculpture):  Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2011 and 2012, Architecture museum (Stockholm) 2010, Väsby konsthall (Uppland Väsby), Gallery Infra (Infracity), Edviks Konsthall (Sollentuna),  Gallery CM Bellman (Stockholm), Gallery Sjöhästen (Lidingö), Gallery Merja (Linköping), Mälsåker castle.