”Global thinking means to view ourselves in a wider context:
We are already more than enough people on our planet, but want to become more, we have everything, but want to have more. However, what is the point of getting more, when it anyway never will be enough?”(KM)

Moral, crime, conscience, sin

Natural selection is fundamental to our behaviour. The ones who were most successful in the struggle of survival are our ancestors. Network and collaboration (society) provide the shelter and stability which is necessary to successfully raise many children. To make society function each member has to be honest and act on behalf of the whole group. Therefore ’good behaviour’ has become part of our character.  Conscience reminds us when we start forgetting our obligations towards society. On the other hand a society based on mutual trust gives opportunities to gain advantages by deception. Therefore also ’bad behaviour’  has become part of our character (man’s eternal sin)

Society needs members to function, all life is precious. When resources become restricted struggle for survival starts. Strategies to survive are numerous: hard work, diplomacy, raw strength, deceit, and murder.

If too many members of society fight or deceive each other, society does no longer function, therefore bad behaviour has to be restricted by all means. On the other hand, if all members are obedient and never protest, society will fail when the leadership is bad. 

We prefer to regard things as either entirely good or entirely bad. But often it is just the right balance between protest (socalled ’bad behaviour’) and loyalty (so called ’good behaviour’), which becomes the key to success. 


Be proud of understanding

Understanding the basic principles of life, that all life is subjected to natural selection and evolution, that we are not privileged, is perhaps the single most important difference between us and other animals. This understanding may help us to reestablish the balance between species and environment, which our ruthless exploration of nature has disturbed. 


Trust in DNAs tested design

Human DNA carries all features of successful life, starting by the first organic combination one billion years ago to the complexity of life today. Therefore this design deserves to be trusted upon. Only a person ruled by ignorance may dare to manipulate something which is the successful result of innumerable trials during billions of years. However, if we keep on manipulating nature we may soon be forced out of way by a form of life better adapted to the changing environment created by us.


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