Darwin in art

Since many thousand years the creation of man has been a central theme for all artistic work. Mytology and the bible with their many allegories and stories have given innumerable subjects for extraordinary artworks and does still today. However, Darwin’s theory of evolution, the modern explanation of creation and at the same time one of the greatest achievements in science, has not yet been focused on by artists.

What makes the theory of evolution so revolutionary and on the same time so difficult to accept? Already in Greek mytology it was accepted that man was part of nature. But now, discovery and analysis of DNA has proved beyond doubt that all life has a common origin and is strongly interconnected. Thus, modern science has taken away man’s privilege among species. Suddenly we are no longer specially selected, no God takes care of us explicitely, a terrible truth, but at the same time a challenge to our fantasy, sense for discovery and vitality.

Whole stem wooden sculpture

Bronze sculpture


Drawings and sketches